About Us

Citizen Hosting has been in the market since 2003. This is when we launched our first non-commercial project that required a separate server and notable traffic volume. What’s more, we already had several other projects on the list, which also required reliable hosting. This is how we decided to provide hosting, making it possible to support non-commercial and commercial projects.

As time went by, the demand for our services kept growing - just like the proficiency of our experts. Due to the high quality of services the company provides, reliability, high safety level and orientation on decent result, our client database increased a lot. We’ve introduced advanced technologies and we keep working on the implementation of new quality equipment these days. We also try to ensure decent quality of services, offering affordable prices for them.

As of today, we have many local and foreign clients, who are satisfied with our services and recommend us to their partners. We’ve hosted thousands of websites already and we don't plan to stop at this achievement. Our mission is to ensure stability, quality, flexibility and reliability of hosting services provided. We work for the benefit of our clients and we are oriented on your success! If you need quality hosting, then welcome to join Citizen Hosting!