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Have you decided to create your own website? Do you have the one already? Are you looking for convenient hosting for it?

Why Us?

Whatever your reasons to search for quality hosting services are, you have to be serious about the process of selecting the most trusted and professional company that will not only provide these services, but will also ensure reliable support and solution of all the related problems. If these issues matter a lot to you, then you have come to the right place!
Citizen Hosting is the number one assistant for everyone looking for quality hosting services and fast technical support even in the most complicated situations.


We provide hosting of any websites, regardless of their complexity: from simple single-page promo websites and up to large-scale news portals


We make it possible to check the availability of the domain name in various locations and register it at our website with a few clicks of a mouse


We possess high speed SSD disks that notably boost your project functionality


We register domain names in the shortest time possible


Our tech support team is available 24/7/365


Our clients can also get a SSL certificate to ensure safety and confidentiality of their clients’ or customers’ projects


We provide quality hosting, which is affordable at the same time


Our equipment comes up to the highest quality standards and demonstrates excellent performance, irrespective of the project complexity

Our mission is to provide you with hosting, which will not distract you from the important creative work on your website development!